The Spirit of the Food

Enjoyment of the Senses!

The Menu

We Cook with the Heart

Eggs Benedict£4.50

Fried, Poached or Scrambled

Pancakes Special£4.95

Homemade Pancakes & Bacon£4.75

French Toast & Bacon GF £4.75

Toast & Eggs GF £3.75

Omelette GF £4.95

Served with salad or toast

Bacon & Cream Cheese Bagel£3.95


Porridge with fruit

The Doc Fry£4.95

Bacon, sausage, egg, potato & soda bread, vegetable roll

The BIG Breakfast£7.95

2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 egg, potato, soda, veg roll, mushroom, tomato & beans

Feel Good Fry GF £4.75

Grilled bacon, tomato, mushrooms, poached egg, toast & beans

Extra Portions£0.90

tomato, mushrooms, beans & pancake


Soup of the Day GF/V4.25

served with home made wheaten

Doc Stew GF4.75

made with Watt’s finest mince

Build your own4.50

Sandwich, wrap, panini from our Deli Bar

Salad Bowl GF/V5.95

Choose your 3 salads & meat from our Deli Bar

Baked Potato GF/V5.95

Choose your filling & 2 salads

Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad6.95

Home made Lasagne6.95

Served with 2 salads - Add chips £2

Pie/ Quiche of the Day6.85

Served with 3 salads

Chicken Goujons7.25

Served with chips & salad garnish


Chicken Goujons7.25

Served with chips & salad garnish

Burger Bar GF/V8.50

Beef - Chargrilled Chicken –Veggie

Served in a brioche, with onion rings & chips

House Curry V7.95

Chicken or Veg, served with basmati rice

Change to half ‘n’ half for £1

Salmon Fillet GF8.95

on a bed of stir fry veg with side

Chargrilled Chicken GF8.95

on a bed of stir fry veg with side

Home made Lasagne8.95

served with salad & chips

Skin on skinny fries£2.95

House Sweet Potato fries£3.50

Gourmet Chunky fries£2.95

Feel Good Fry£4.75

Gluten, Egg, Nut & Dairy Free. Bacon, poached egg, mushroom, tomato, beans & Toast


Gluten, Nut Free. Dairy free on request. Choice of filling served with GF toast or salad

French Toast£3.75

Gluten, Dairy, Nut Free. Made with GF bread, served with bacon & maple. 

Beef Stew£3.75

Gluten, Dairy Free. Served with wheaten or GF bread

Soup of the Day£3.25

Check todays specials

Salad Bowl£4.25

Build your own from our deli

Baked Potato£5.50

Build your own, served with salad

Beef Burger£7.50

Without the bap, salad & side

Oven Baked Salmon£7.95

Chargrilled Chicken£6.85


sizeregular large

Flat White£2.50

Cappuccino£2.50 £2.90

Latte£2.50 £2.90

Mocha£2.60 £2.95

Americano£2.10 £2.50

Espresso£1.90 £2.20


Decaff Black£2.20 £2.60

Decaff Milky£2.60 £2.95

Hot Chocolate

Plain£2.50 £2.80

Add the Works£0.50

cream, mallows, flake


Steamed milk£1.50 £2.00

with a flovour of your choice


House Tea£1.80

Loose Leaf by REDBOX£1.95

Camomile-Green-Peppermint-Red Berry-Earl Grey-English Breakfast-Rooibos

Chai Latte£2.80 £3.10

Iced Coffee

Iced caramel latte£2.60

Iced cafe mocha£2.60

Iced cappuccino£2.60





Cheese Pizza£3.50

Sausages & Beans£3.50

Chicken Chunks£3.50


All above served with skinny fries.

Pancakes & Bacon£3.50

Beef Stew & Wheaten£3.50

All Kids meals served with juice.